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Career Links

The webpages listed here have information about careers in biotechnology.

Being a biotechnologist - Careers Services

This careers site describes what it’s like to be a biotechnologist, the range of careers available, conditions, pay and the job outlook in New Zealand.

Futureintech for Students - Futureintech

Read about the career experiences of New Zealand's technologists, engineers and scientists. There is also a section on the Biotechnology industry here.

Careers in Australia – TechNyou

Find out about biotechnology careers in Australia. You can learn what biotechnologists do and how they got into the job.

People in biotech - Biotechnology Learning Hub

Profiles of people working in biotechnology in New Zealand. Read their stories and watch video clips to find out what they do and what advice they have for you.

Science careers - AgResearch

Information about science careers at AgResearch for secondary school students. You can download a brochure or watch interviews with young scientists.


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