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Jacqueline (Jac) McGowan

Jacqueline McGowan
Science Technician
Dairy research
Place of Work

Jac enjoys the variety in her job, and during a single working day she might be involved with collecting and testing milk samples, analysing data, maintaining some of the automatic milking equipment, training heifers to use this unique farm system, or showing guests around the farm.



I love working with animals...


Jac is involved with several research projects for DairyNZ, based at their innovative automatic milking farm called The Greenfield Project. Jac is also involved in developing a chemical detection machine that will be able to detect when a cow is ready to mate - by sniffing her. She loves working with animals and is enthusiastic about the Greenfield Project. Talking to groups of visitors about it is one of the highlights of Jac’s job “even though talking to 20 people can be scary.”

To find out more about this unique farm project;
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Career Pathway

After completing a BSc in zoology and animal behaviour at the University of Waikato, Jac spent 6 months working on a dairy farm to get some practical skills with animals. She then went to Hawera to work on a Dexcel project investigating the inheritance of various genes and traits in dairy cattle. One and a half years later she moved back to the Waikato to work on the Greenfield Project.


Jac enjoys a range of activities in her spare time. She and her husband are a successful team in the Formula Honda offshore powerboat racing competition, racing a 150HP “Sonic.” Her love of water sports extends to SCUBA diving and wakeboarding. Jac is also enthusiastic about yoga, ballroom and latin dancing, reading, sewing, horse riding and possum-fur tanning – a diverse range of hobbies!


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