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Dr Jenny Jago

Jenny Jago
Senior Scientist
Dairy research
Place of Work

Jenny is currently in charge of the Greenfield Project, a research programme investigating the potential to use an automatic milking system to manage milking on dairy farms.




Jenny enjoys her work at the Greenfield Project because it has the potential to positively affect so many people. The project is also innovative and creative, and she loves working with people who are enthusiastic about rising to the challenges it involves.

Get focus story: Robotic Milking

I really like the prospect of being able to make a difference...

Career Pathway

Jenny was brought up on a dairy farm in Stratford, Taranaki. She was very interested in Science and Maths at school, and especially enjoyed carrying out practical investigations with snails, slaters and the cows on her parents’ farm. She also loved helping her father with the jobs on the farm, especially looking after the young calves.

At university she studied abroad range of topics including Management, Physics, Maths and Computing, with a major in Animal Behaviour. Jenny went on to complete a PhD studying the behaviour of bulls. She then worked in Denmark and France before returning to New Zealand. As a result of her previous experience and knowledge she was asked to join the Greenfield Project's research team - to which she said “Yes, please!”


Jenny is a keen swimmer, cyclist and golfer. She also has 3 young children.


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