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Professor Lynnette Ferguson

Lynnette Ferguson
University Professor
Nutrition research
Place of Work
University of Auckland

Professor Lynnette Ferguson is the Director of the Centre for Mutagen Testing, based within the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre (ACSRC), and Head of Nutrition at the University of Auckland.




Lynn is also Programme Leader in Nutrigenomics, where she co-ordinates 55 different people across six different sites.

We are trying to optimise the health of New Zealanders...

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Career Pathway

Lynn was originally interested in becoming a hairdresser as it seemed to be a glamorous career, but when her mother sent her to hairdressing school Lynn quickly discovered that she didn’t actually have a talent for hairdressing or finding it particularly interesting.

However, Lynn was interested in working things out and was good at maths and science. She didn’t go to university with the intent of eventually getting a PhD. But during her studies she realised her courses were becoming more and more interesting and that she enjoyed labwork.

After completing an Master of Science (Honours) from the University of Auckland, she obtained her D. Phil. from Oxford University in the UK, working on the subject of DNA damage and DNA repair in yeast.

On her return to New Zealand, Lynn worked as a post-doctoral fellow, at the University of Auckland School of Medicine. After three years she became a Research career fellow with the Auckland Cancer Society. In more recent years, she has held a dual appointment with the Auckland Cancer Society and The University of Auckland.

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