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Dr Warwick Grant

Warwick Grant
Senior Scientist
Place of Work

Warwick initially trained as a geneticist and moved into parasitology shortly after completing his PhD.




Warwick works at AgResearch where he is a molecular parasitologist. This means that he investigates parasites, and in particular their genetic makeup and the impacts that this can have. He leads a number of research projects in this area.

For me science has to generate new knowledge and develop new technologies...

Several of these projects aim to develop a possum parasite as a vector for possum biocontrol, and to develop this parasite as a new model organism for basic parasite research.

Other projects are focussed on the use of drugs to combat parasite disease in humans and in animals.

Career Pathway

He has worked pretty much on nematode parasite genetics for the past 20 years, mostly in the context of drugs (discovery of new drugs and resistance in parasites to existing drugs) but has also maintained an interest in developing methods to analyse and manipulate parasites genetically.

He has worked for the Australian organisation, CSIRO, and taught biotechnology at a university (in Adelaide, Australia) but is now based at AgResearch in New Zealand.

In between, he has taken periods of study leave in the USA and UK, and maintains several collaborations with scientists in those countries and in Australia.


Outside of work, Warwick has been an enthusiastic rower for 25 years (he has his own single sculling boat these days) and also enjoys a range of sports: running, cycling, and orienteering.

His other non-work activity is reading, mostly about science, although he does manage to mix in some fiction from time to time.


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