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Explore this section to find information about how biotechnology is being applied to all primary industry sectors in New Zealand.

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For centuries, the farming of both crops and livestock has depended on selective breeding for particular characteristics. Today's understanding of organism systems, and particularly DNA, has led to changes in selection and breeding possibilities.

More about Agriculture

Aquaculture involves the farming and management of aquatic plants and animals to supplement the natural supply. Current biotechnology focuses on enhancing productivity and looking for unique products.

More about Aquaculture

Bioprocessing can refer to either the separation of specific molecules from living systems or the use of processes found in living systems to manufacture and manipulate products (for example using enzymes).

More about Bioprocessing

With an economy based on primary production, and a range of unique and sometimes endangered plants and animals, New Zealand is vulnerable to biosecurity threats and environmental contamination.

More about Environment

New Zealand has biotechnology research strengths in functional food, nutraceuticals and nutrigenomics.

More about Food & Beverages

Forensic Science covers all aspects of investigating a crime scene. Biotechnology has a part to play in a range of different areas.

More about Forensics

Biotechnology is part of everyday life, and has been for thousands of years. People have cultured bacteria to make yoghurt and cheese; used yeasts to make bread; fermented grapes to make wine; and selectively bred plants and animals to create new types of fruits, more powerfully scented flowers, and sheep with whiter, finer wool.

More about General Biotech

Biotechnology focus areas in health include increasing biomedical knowledge and developing medical technologies, including new medicines and genomic discovery.

More about Health

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