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Themes explore the diverse uses of biotechnology in New Zealand and feature teaching ideas, student activities, video clips and animations.

Bacteria are crucial tools for working with DNA and proteins.

Xenotransplantation could increase availability of donor cells, tissues and organs.

Mendel’s principles explain how we inherit traits from our parents.

Explore the New Zealand school curriculum’s definition of biotechnology.

Biotechnology is used to diagnose and treat food intolerance and allergies.

Several key techniques are used to study DNA in the lab.

DNA barcoding can help discover, identify and distinguish species.

Development of new biotechnology products for sale means considering design, feasibility, testing and quality.

New Zealand farming is being shaped by new and innovative biotechnologies.

New Zealand’s cultural and natural history gives us unique knowledge and materials for biotechnology.

New biotechnologies being developed from milk proteins.

Understanding cell biology and genetics will help us develop new biotechnologies.

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