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Biocontrol: useful links

This is a list of additional resources for the Biocontrol theme and information sheets.


Biocontrol in New Zealand
A list of some biocontrol agents approved for use in New Zealand from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).
www.epa.govt.nz/search-databases...site-results.aspx?k=approved biocontrol agents

Biocontrol activity for high school students
Activity from Landcare Research for students to survey biocontrol agents in the field and examine the damage they cause to weeds.

Learn more about possums
Alpha 107 from the Royal Society of New Zealand covers the life and habits of the possums in New Zealand, including their effects on native flora and fauna and details about options for controlling numbers. This resource was written by Dr John Walsby and is free to download from the Royal Society’s website.

Pest Detective
Online guide to help identify the signs left by pest animals.

Irish wasp to the rescue

Common New Zealand pest plants
Descriptions of some common plant pest species written by Environment Waikato.

Clover root weevil
Find out more about the clover root weevil problem. You can also read news articles that have been published and find an AgResearch contact.


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