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Did You Know

The 'Did You Know' articles listed here pertain to biotechnology and agriculture.

Dexcel's Greenfield Project has developed a farm system where cows walk themselves to a dairy throughout the day and are milked by robots!

The bee is the only social insect to be partially domesticated by humans.

In 2003, biotech crops were grown on more than 167 million acres in 18 countries. Since they were first grown commercially in 1996, biotech crop acreage has increased 40-fold.

In 2002 GE cropping was a major issue in the general election after a small amount of GE corn plants were discovered amongst corn crops.

Tallow derived from an average cow contains enough energy to drive a car 460 kms.

Genetically modified bacteria have been used to help clean up oil spills in the ocean.

Ferrets were introduced to NZ in kill rabbits, but they killed more native birds than rabbits and the rabbit population continued to climb.

In January, 2006, AgResearch released a parasitod wasp onto a Waikato farm to kill the Clover Root Weevil that has been destroying clover.

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