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High school students ask the questions

After Sir Paul Nurse’s lecture on The Five Great Ideas of Biology, the audience were invited to ask questions. Students from Wellington Girls’ High School made the most of this opportunity.

Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project sequenced all of the genes a person has (about 35,000). This project was completed in 2001. One student asks Sir Paul, “How has the Human Genome Project changed scientific research?”

Different research strategies

Sir Paul Nurse explains that hypothesis-driven research is just one of the many different ways to approach scientific research.

Get video: Hypothesis testing

Communication between scientists and the public

Biology addresses the nature of being human and can raise ethical issues. Scientists need to ensure that they maintain an open dialogue with the public, communicating their ideas and listening to those of the public.

Get video: Biologists and the public

Being a scientist

Sir Paul Nurse, a Nobel Prize winner in 2001 for his work on the genes that control cell division, explains how he first got interested in science.

Would you like to be a scientist? A high school student asks Sir Paul, “What skills are you looking for in the people you employ?”

Get video: Career advice: Find your passion!


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