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Crime scene biotech: useful links

This is a list of additional resources for the Crime scene biotech theme and information sheets.

Crime scene biotech

ESR (Environmental Science & Research)
This provides information on what ESR does.

Crime museum blog
The CSI Blog has up-to-date resources for students, fun facts and trivia about forensics. This blog is hosted by the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, USA.

New Zealand's DNA Databank

New Zealand's DNA Databank
The official information about New Zealand's National DNA Databank. Use the left hand navigation to explore how DNA is collected, analysed and used by forensic scientists.

The Maureen McKinnel Case
Articles about the Maureen McKinnel case.

DNA profiling at ESR
ESR is a Crown Research Institute and is New Zealand’s leading organization working in forensic science. A document outlining DNA technologies for use in forensic case work.

This provides information on what the Forensic Science team at ESR does.

DNA profiling interactive
Two student-friendly interactive demonstrations on DNA profiling.

Human identification made simple
A student-friendly description of DNA profiling and how it is used in a variety of international court cases. Go to ‘human identification’ to access.


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