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Marvellous milk: useful links

This is a list of additional resources for the Marvellous milk theme and information sheets.

A1 or A2?

Beta casein A1 and A2 in milk and human health
The actual report prepared by Professor Boyd Swinburn for the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

Devil in the milk
Illness, health and politics A1 and A2 milk. This book written by Professor Keith Woodford from Lincoln University examines the link between the type of casein protein in the milk we drink and a range of serious illnesses, including heart disease, Type 1 diabetes, autism and schizophrenia. ISBN 978-1-877333-70-5.

Scientific research on beta-caseins
This site provides a comprehensive resource of published scientific literature relating to beta-casein A1 and A2 and human health.

Storm in a Milk Bottle: A1 versus A2 Milk – Science Express
Keith Woodford from Lincoln University presents research about A1 and A2 milk and discusses if they can be harmful.


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