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New Zealand views on biotech

New Zealanders have a wide range of opinions on modern biotechnology based on their ethical, cultural and spiritual perspectives.

Biotech in New Zealand

Biotechnology is a growing industry in New Zealand – one with the potential to provide jobs and innovative products. New Zealand is a world leader in agricultural biotech, and this is likely to be of particular importance to many of us.

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Do New Zealanders accept biotechnology?

In New Zealand, people have a wide range of responses to different biotechnologies. Lincoln University’s Agricultural Economic Research Unit (AERU) has collected data on public opinion of some specific examples of biotechnology practice.

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Different views

The relationship of a person to a particular biotechnology gives both weight and shape to their opinion. For instance, farmers and consumers may have quite different perspectives on genetically modified (GM) food.

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Who’s regulating biotech?

With so much innovation and excitement in this area, it’s easy to imagine scientists getting carried away and pushing boundaries in ways the public might be uncomfortable with. In order to prevent this from happening, biotechnology is carefully monitored and regulated in New Zealand.

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The future of New Zealand biotech

The future of biotechnology depends upon research and development and also on the views and needs of New Zealanders.


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