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Ethics thinking tool

The Ethics thinking tool is designed to help you explore an issue using ethical frameworks.

Using the Ethics thinking tool

View the Ethics thinking tool online. The demo will show you how to use the tool. You can explore the ethical issues we’ve supplied or register and create your own. Registering also allows you to set up accounts for your students to work online.

Ethical frameworks in the tool

The tool uses common ethical frameworks to help you explore ethical decision-making and judgements with your students. You may use one or more of the following frameworks:

  • Consequences – what are the benefits and risks?
  • Rights and duties – what rights need to be protected and who is responsible for this?
  • Autonomy – should individuals have the right to choose for themselves, or does one decision count for everyone?
  • Virtue – what is the ‘good’ thing to do?
  • Multiple perspectives – what perspectives do groups with other cultural, spiritual or religious views have?

Get information sheet: Frameworks for ethical analysis

You will need the latest version of Flash Player to use the tool.


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